Friday, June 18, 2010

Angela Chaos & I at the Saturation DIY zine Fest at the Riverside Art Museum

Angela is such cool people. We both tabled at the zine fest. Angela makes the zine called Bitch King and of course Yellow Three is mine. We had lots of fun that day. I sold  and traded some zines and read poetry.

Here's the Yellow Three table along with some of my framed photography.


Polishing up a collection of poems. I found a few poems that I wrote in the early 90's. I compared the content of more recent poems to the type of poetry I used to write. Whew! I wrote some hardcore stuff! I've softened up a

Monday, June 7, 2010


Wow what a task ! I have hundreds of photos, disc, etc. Trying to put them in some kind of comprehensible order. The screen on my laptop is dead ! Oh NOOOOOOO ! I have no way of doctoring or editing my photos at the moment. My brother told me it may cost a bit. Sigh ! This won't stop me from taking photos though. NEVER !

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