Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Is Truly The Age of Aquarius

I get a big fat resounding "Duh" from the global/new world order/metaphysical community! Ha ! It just dawned on me this week, that for argument's sake, we are now living in the "age of Aquarius." Think about it, the planet Uranus rules the sign Aquarius, Uranus represents/rules inventions, computers, technology, electronics,earthquakes, shocking news, broadcasting, television, radio, electricity. Check my partial list below of what's associated with Uranus, you can find the full list in the first edition of Llewellyn George's book entitled The New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator Anyway, notice how many people utilize Facebook via computer, laptop, iphone, Blackberry or some other electronic device. What about tweeting and texting? Texting is out of control ! The other day, I was headed to the library while it was raining and I witnessed a female student, walking in the rain AND texting ! Wow this is it. The age of Pisces is over.

Words associated with Uranus ( partial list) The list is lengthy:
Adventurous, aversion, abnormal, auto-mechanic, automobile, astrologer, airplane, air, aeronautics, aura, abrupt, abortion, acute, aerial, alarmist, anarchist, antique, apostasy, appalling, battery, brotherhood, bomb, bizzarre, contrary, clairvoyant, co-operative, colonize, catastrophe, comrade, divorce, distributor, distribution, explosive, erratic, eccentric, earthquake, electron, fraternal, flying, fanatic, frenzy, hurricane.

Surprises Like This Make My Day !!

I received an email from my writer Unc (uncle) from Miami and he told me that I will receive this book in about 7days ! Yeaaay a package ! Below is a description of the book from writersdigestshop.com

Learn to Write Extraordinary Fiction!

'By Cunning & Craft is thoroughly comprehensive and offers an in-depth look at core fiction writing components without the burden of overly academic rhetoric,' says Jane Friedman, editorial director of Writer's Digest Books. 'It is an all-in-one resource: a hard-working, easy-to-understand, all-bases-covered guide to writing fiction presented in a very classy package.'

Writing successful fiction is a balance between trusting one's own instincts and making the right conscious choices. In By Cunning & Craft, award-winning novelist and short-story writer Peger Selgin shows you how to combine the instinctive process of creation with sound technical ingenuity. With precise instruction and examples from classic and best-selling works, this authoritative guide helps you master all the essential fiction-writing elements. Whether you're facing the blank pages of a first draft or trying to revise a completed manuscript, By Cunning & Craft provides you with the guidance you need to outfox common writing pitfalls and make sure your work isn't wanting in wit—or perfection.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A few hours in Dana Point, CA on New Year's Day

My photography fits into a few categories; floral, architecture/monuments ( mainly churches, mausoleums, tombstones, and statues) and nautical. Nautical is my favorite.

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