Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We Found A Safe Space

Found this little delicate cutie in the backyard. I called our friend and hummingbird expert Ross Hawkins, founder of the Hummingbird Festival in Sedona, AZ and founder of  The Hummingbird Society in Sedona.  I called Signal Hill Animal Hospital and they gave me the number to another facility. I called them and they didn't have a license to handle wild they gave me Animal Control's number. They were closed but I got transferred to the fire department. They sent someone out, and they arrived with in 10 minutes! I was surprised because frankly, I didn't think they'd come out for a wee little hummingbird!  But they did!  I asked the animal control officer what they were going to do with it. She said the office works with a hummingbird care she's in a safe space! Sunshine named it "Alexis" so I guess she felt it was a female. Yaaaaay for hummingbirds!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Point Loma San Diego, CA

Lighthouse history is very interesting. Last month I went to check out Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, CA. The area is beautiful...there are many trails and a science center and museum. It's best to arrive when it opens or towards closing time, especially if it's a sunny day...because the sun is brutal! There aren't many trees around so there's definitely a lack of shade.

The Negro Church In America

Well, it's been a long time since I posted...actually a little over a year. Last year, my computer's internet connection just stopped working AND it crashed twice! Yikes. So now I'm back into the swing of things. I have been spending most of my time doing some intense research and reading. I'm working on a couple of new writing projects as well. I will try to post more often. Recently I ordered a book entitled The Negro Church in America by E. Franklin Frazier...I absolutely love it. I am almost finished with it.

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